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plan and ideate

Our team works with everything from napkin sketches to full prints. In the plastic mold manufacturing process, we can use our Solidworks software to create or convert 3D models to ensure nothing gets lost in translation from design to delivery.

Form Manufacturing design by plastic injection engineers in Coldwater, OH
Design for Manufacturing

Engineers can review your parts and provide feedback on readiness for manufacturing, looking things like tolerances, draft and tooling feasibility.

Plastic mold manufacturing engineers collaborate at Form Manufacturing in Coldwater, OH

Let our Engineers be a part of your team! Whether its onsite or virtually, we can be an integral element of your next development effort.

Custom injection molding designed, manufactured by Form Manufacturing in Coldwater, OH

If you're a small business without an Engineering department or just don't feel comfortable designing parts for injection molding, we can design parts from scratch.

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If you're ready for a part quote or if you just have questions about us or a design you have, please send us an email or give us a call and we would be happy to help.



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