injection molding

tailored for your manufacturing needs.


When you're ready to move from product development to production or you need a different supply chain solution, we ready to help! We can source just about any material you may need and have tool building and manufacturing options that will meet even the most demanding part and project requirements.

Are you not quite ready for a quote but you have questions or need help?

Ask us anything about the custom injection molding process, whether it be part design, materials, finishes, or tooling via email or phone. We can also set up site visits (at your place or ours) and phone or web conferences if that's a convenient way to communicate.

If you need Design, Engineering or Prototyping help, we've got you covered.

Custom plastic injection molding design by Form Manufacturing in northwest, Ohio

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Form manufacturing engineer creates rendering of custom injection molding product in Coldwater, OH

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Commercial 3D printed prototype of injection molding product

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Are you ready for a quote?

We can produce preliminary pricing from a 2D drawing or even just a prototype sample and a conversation over the phone, but the most accurate pricing comes when we have the following information:

  • 3D model - This helps us see any complex geometry and estimate the part weight. We can convert just about any file type, but ".igs" or ".stp" files typically work the best
  • 2D drawing - This helps us understand any critical characteristics and dimensions. A ".pdf" works great for this.
  • Material specification - Even a generic material is fine (ABS, Nylon, Polypropylene, etc), but if you know you need a specific material, please let us know.
  • Annual volumes and order quantities - This information helps us understand the scale of the project so we can provide the most competitive quote possible.
  • Part Finish Requirements - This could be any decoration requirements or just the surface texture the part requires.
  • Extras - Does the part need threaded inserts, adhesive, assembly or other secondary parts or processing?