appliance knobs

bring your imagination to life

flex system

Utilize standard knob components and custom finish combinations to create design variations. Knob indicator registration options are easily and inexpensively accomplished with a new stem profile. Each knob can be easily paired with most thermostats with universal or custom stem profile.

Injection molded knob components by Form Manufacturing
3 skirt options

We’ve developed an innovative system of injection molded knob components to inject design flexibility and creativity into your next project.

Drawing of 3 grip appliance knob rendering by Form Manufacturing in Coldwater, OH
3 grip options

For a truly unique solutions, add your own grip or skirt design to give your knob a one-of-a-kind look for a fraction of the cost of a completely custom solution.

Drawing of 3 piece system appliance knob options by Form Manufacturing
3 stem options

Our 3-piece system allows you to mix and match designs and finishes without costly tooling investment; great for lower volume needs.